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Did you know? How biomass become electricity?

Today, biomass can be used to produce home-grown energy. Wood, organic matter and agricultural waste such as fruit pits and corncobs are a great source of biomass energy that can be used to generate electricity.

Biomass fuel is stored in a bunker and kept ready for further transport to the boiler. There, water is heated under pressure. The rising steam powers a turbine which is connected to the generator which produces electricity. It will then be sent through the grid connection to the electricity network from where it will be accessible to all users.

Biomass Power Plant Component

Biomass Fuel

Wood, organic matter and some types of waste are considered home-grown energy.


Wood waste or other organic matter is burned to produce steam.

Turbine and Generator

The steam runs a turbine in the generator and produces electricity.

Grid connection

This is a distribution platform that brings the electricity to the users.


Households, businesses and others.

The Benefits of Biomass Power Plants

Our Services: Consulting and Development

Nortis provides client-centric consultancy services for biomass power plant investors and those developing their own projects.

In our projects, we go through the following steps:









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R ight location

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R ight technology

R ight investment

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